Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ethical Inquiry through Video Game Play and Design

Professor Harry Brown and FITS hosted the Ethical Inquiry through Video Game Play and Design Symposium at the Prindle Institute Oct. 10-12, 2011. Approximately fifty participants from as far away as New Hampshire, Washington State, and even Belgium traveled to DePauw to discuss ethics and video games from the perspectives of theory, design, and play.

Brown remarked, "I think the event was a great success. Prindle did a superb job hosting the event. In fact, almost all of the participants told me how impressed they were with the facility. More importantly, they related to me, both during the event and afterwards, how excited they were to attend a symposium of this kind, unique in its special focus on ethics and games. They suggested that we do it again in a year or two and expressed interest in putting together a collection of essays based on the proceedings." In addition to the collect, event organizers plan to augment the event website to include other materials from the conference. Co-host Donnie Sendelbach was impressed by the breadth and depth of the symposium as presenters covered a wide range of disciplines. Event hosts only hope that Kathy Vrabeck, Class of '85, who had planned to present at the symposium, can attend the next one.

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